Obtaining the source code

The ESPRESO source code is available at:

Developer (protected) repository

Public repository


Building the code

The configuration and compilation process is described in the documentation.


ELMER Benchmarking Suite for CSC Sisu Supercomputer

During the development of the C API for ESPRESO which has been used to interface the ELMER and the ESPRESO we have created a simple benchmarking suite. Using the API ESPRESO serves as an external linear solver for ELMER or any other third party application.

The suite is based on materials provide by the ELMER developers, such as “Winkel benchmark”, linear solver settings for various internal and external solvers (Trilions, Hypre, etc. ).

The benchmark suite can be downloaded from here.

The package contains README file with benchmark description. Please note, that suite is primarily designed for Cray XC40 Sisu supercomputer, but it can be modified for any cluster with Slurm scheduler. Support for PBS scheduler has not been implemented.


OpenFOAM Pipelined Conjugate Gradient Solver Plugin

This OpenFOAM plugin contains an implementation of the new iterative solver suitable for massively parallel runs. At large scale it provides faster time to solution than GAMG or original CG solver.

To install the plugin please download the package bellow and follow the installation guidelines in the README file.

Plugin Download

The package also includes a set of slides which compares the performance of the CG and Pipelined CG solvers for problems of various size. it also contains basic hints where PipeCG should be used.