26 Nov

ESPRESO to be tested on Titan, the second largest supercomputer in the world

The ESPRESO developer team gained access to the Titan machine through Director Discretion project. The project was awarded with 2,700,000 core-hours. This means that would be able to use the entire machine for up to 5 hours. This of course will not be the case, as thousands of smaller tests will lead to a version that will be able to efficiently use entire supercomputer.

The main objectives of this project are as follows: (1) performance evaluation of the ESPRESO H on all 18,000 compute nodes and identification of the bottlenecks at this scale using parallel problem generator, (2) optimization of the communication layer and all global operations, (3)   development and optimization of the GPU accelerated version at large scale and (4) performance benchmarking using real-life problems of both CPU and GPU versions.

More information about Oak Ridge National Lab and the Titan supercomputer can be found here: ORNLTitan.