30 Nov

ESPRESO solver can be used in ELMER


The last week of November  part of our team visited CSC – IT Helsinki.  This Finnish IT center develops in the long term an open source multiphysical simulation software ELMER. This software is designed to solve large scale problems, and it already contains some domain decomposition methods including FETI.  The goal of our group was made a connection between both software to utilize FETI from ESPRESO in ELMER. Our variant of FETI (compared to already implemented version in ELMER) uses more general routine to detect the singularity of stiffness matrices without stronger assumptions, and it contains many other features (Schur  complement in dense format,  support for Xeon Phi and GPU accelerators) for which this coupling makes sense. Moreover ESPRESO solver supports hybrid FETI version (collection of several subdomains per one MPI process + reduction of coarse problem dimension) which will be implemented (activated for ELMER) in next step.